[Live-demo]Does your app work on the new OSGeo-Live V4.5 Alpha2?

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 10 22:56:23 PST 2011

Angelos wrote:
> A first review of the OSGeo-Live 4.5 alpha 2 has just finished.

great, thanks!

>    Issues with versions:
>    GDAL --> later version (1.7.3) than proposed (1.7.2) but seems it
>    would be great to have 1.8.0

We will be using the version of gdal which UbuntuGIS provides us, as
rebuilding the entire toolchain using a custom version is too ugly to
contemplate. If the spreadsheet doesn't match the reality, the spreadsheet
should be changed.

fwiw, Frankie should be uploading gdal 1.8.0 to debian/experimental in the
near future.



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