[Live-demo] Sahana Install - minor edits

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 14 22:34:50 PST 2011

Brian wrote:
> Hamish, thank you for your considered
> response..
> and your good work on these scripts..

ditto/back at'cha
> after talking it out with knowledgeable colleagues
> I think a)  we should do little to this release, so it
> gets out the door
> and b) one possible solution is
>    since all these sub-scripts are run by a
> master script.
> have the master script define a couple of good vars
> and standardize on having all the sub-scripts use them

I agree on both points. $USER, $GISVM(or whatever)_SVN_HOME, and $DATA_DIR
(or perhaps $PREFIX) being probably the three most important universal ones
to tweak. any others you can think of?


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