[Live-demo] Rasdaman build error?

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 19 05:28:57 PST 2011

Hi, I've now had a change to review the script and see why the
icons didn't make it into the menu.

the following changes are needed in the rasdaman installer:

-space on the disc is extraordinarily tight. please remove -dev packages
 when you are done with them.
-please use /tmp/build_rasdaman/ for your git downloads and build, not the 
 base build dir [./bin/]. Grep many/most other install scripts for examples.
-to keep the noise down in the live disc's build log, for large files please
 use wget's --progress=dot:mega option. (-c is not appropriate for unversioned
 filenames, but -N can help there (n.b. -N doesn't work in combo with -O))
-do not use "chmod 777 -R". set group ownership to the "users" or "www-data"
 group and change to g+w. Grep other scripts for examples.
-use the --quiet flag when you run psql to avoid cluttering the build log.
-icon files currently double-set the Categories= setting.
-for the GIS menu to include your app you must copy the .desktop files
 from /usr/share/applications/ into $USER/Desktop/.
-for consistency all *.desktop icon files should probably be lowercased,
 although I've just modified the menu-building script to work with all your
 icon files in the state they are in now. (but they still need to be copied
 over to the user's Desktop/ to be included in the menus; see packaging
 instructions on the wiki*)

[*] http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Live_GIS_Add_Project#Packaging_conventions



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