[Live-demo] Any autoconf gurus in the house?

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 19 17:44:12 PST 2011


right now the install_mb-system.sh script is building with static
libraries. If we could figure out how to compile that with shared
libs we could probably free up 100mb on the disc, which is badly
needed since we have some new large projects this round, and as
it was we were stuffed to the gills at the end of last round.

does anyone knows their way around autoconf enough to lend a hand?
I suspect the solution is frustratingly not far away but I can't
seem to get the switches right.

or failing that, are there any overachieving cmake experts around
who can help port the thing? :-) [work has already started on
that upstream, but stalled due to a lack of experts, and help
is needed]



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