[Live-demo] Any autoconf gurus in the house?

Johan Van de Wauw johan.vandewauw at gmail.com
Mon Feb 21 00:20:57 PST 2011

I'm not an autoconf guru, but that's no problem, the project is not using
autoconf :-)
Quite a lot of changes are needed if you want to switch to a shared build.
246 lines in the makefiles contain direct references to a static build:
grep '\.a' $(find . -name Makefile) |wc
    246    1220   19466

Although the changes needed are pretty generic and could be scripted, I
would only make the changes if sufficient people can test the new build.


On Sun, Feb 20, 2011 at 2:44 AM, Hamish <hamish_b at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> right now the install_mb-system.sh script is building with static
> libraries. If we could figure out how to compile that with shared
> libs we could probably free up 100mb on the disc, which is badly
> needed since we have some new large projects this round, and as
> it was we were stuffed to the gills at the end of last round.
> does anyone knows their way around autoconf enough to lend a hand?
> I suspect the solution is frustratingly not far away but I can't
> seem to get the switches right.
> or failing that, are there any overachieving cmake experts around
> who can help port the thing? :-) [work has already started on
> that upstream, but stalled due to a lack of experts, and help
> is needed]
> thanks,
> Hamish
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