[Live-demo] 4.5alpha3 Built - Mapfish

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 20 11:24:26 PST 2011

Angelos wrote:
>>> After trying the Mapfish icon, I get an error that
>>> the page is not found.
> > try editing the icon file:
> > -Exec=sensible-browser http://localhost/mapfishsample/osgeolive/wsgi/
> > +Exec=sensible-browser http://localhost/mapfishsample_2.0/osgeolive/wsgi/

> What do you mean? The correct url should be
> http://localhost/mapfishsample/osgeolive/wsgi/ is I
> recall correctly.

I was making an assumption based on this line in buildout_osgeolive.cfg:
apache-entry-point = /mapfishsample_2.0/

> > some comments, the most important one is the change above, and
> > 'svn co' vs 'svn export' (I'm on the hunt for disc space).
> Ok, fixed.


fwiw, 'svn co' in the /tmp/build_mapfish/ dir is ok, as the
/tmp/build_* dirs are stripped out of the final ISO, but then
a 'cp -r' would need to skip internal .svn/ dirs, so maybe export
is best. I guess 'export' just makes the script being run the
second time less efficient? but that's a minor concern.

> > please install to /usr/local/bin:
> >  INSTALL_DIR="/usr/lib"
> Why? Mapfish sample application is not an executable.

I think I sent a followup email, .../bin was a mistake, I meant
to write /usr/local/lib.

> I might change install location to /usr/local/lib instead.
> (I don't update this location until I get a confirmation
> from you)

/usr/local/lib is already in /etc/ld.so.conf.d/, but you may
want to run ldconfig after this step.

> > epsg:900913 is already stored in /usr/share/proj/esri.extra
> Ok removed.

you tested this one, right? :) I'm only pretty-sure it works.

> > re. other people's troubles, perhaps stop tomcat at
> > the start of the script,
> > then start it again at the end instead of just
> >  /etc/init.d/tomcat6 restart
> > at the end? (? probably that's really a pgsql error
> > not a tomcat one but who knows...)
> Sorry, I don't understand what you mean. What are these
> troubles with tomcat?

> Angelos wrote:
>> I just did an update on the vm as Cameron suggested and
>> Mapfish does not start.
>> The script log shows an error about not being able to
>> update some db table, being accessed by other users.

cheers, it's looking good!



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