[Live-demo] Tools for education - eric

Pirmin Kalberer pi_ml at sourcepole.com
Tue Feb 22 13:38:18 PST 2011

We hold workhops at the QGIS user meeting 2011, FOSSGIS 2011 and FOSS4G 2011 
using the OSGEO live DVD. We realized today, that an adequate development tool 
is missing. So I've added a new script install_edutools.sh installing eric. I 
know that we are very late in the publishing process of V4.5. That's the 
reason that I've commited before starting the discussion. I know that we could 
do an apt-get install for this, but this would use valuable memory. The 
additional packages have a download size of about 6 MB. For other development 
tasks the installed nedit package should be suitable.

Pirmin Kalberer
Sourcepole  -  Linux & Open Source Solutions

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