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Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 26 18:24:41 PST 2011

> Cameron wrote:
> > I'm also toying with creating a wordle image of the words.
> > http://www.wordle.net/

> that's a great idea.
> maybe a dark/light red image on top with GDAL words.
> with dark/light blue image directly below with OGR words.

hmm, the wordle site doesn't let you specify frequency, but many
e.g. blogs have that functionality. anyone know of another tool
which would help?

> I'll see what I can do with 'lynx -dump' in a loop, stand by.

see script below and results attached.

some will need to be redone by hand, with either more specific or less specific search terms:

$ grep 'GMT' format_freq.dat
GMT Compatible netCDF|678

$ grep '|$' format_freq.dat
USGS LULC Composite Theme Grid|
ERDAS Compressed Wavelets|
NADCON .los/.las|
Vexcel MFF/MFF2|
MG4 Encoded Lidar|
Northwood/VerticalMapper Grid|
Raster Product Format/RPF (CADRG, CIB)|
Access MDB (PGeo and Geomedia capable)|
OGDI Vectors (VPF, VMAP, DCW)|

maybe log() or cap the max number of hits to filter out things
like "GMT" or "Memory"?

OGR_FORMATS="Aeronav FAA|ESRI ArcObjects|Arc/Info Binary Coverage|Arc/Info .E00 (ASCII) Coverage|Atlas BNA|AutoCAD DXF|Comma Separated Value (.csv)|DODS/OPeNDAP|EDIGEO|ESRI Personal GeoDatabase|ESRI ArcSDE|ESRI Shapefile|FMEObjects Gateway|GeoJSON|GĂ©oconcept Export|Geomedia .mdb|GeoRSS|GML|GMT|GPSBabel|GPX|GRASS|GPSTrackMaker|Hydrographic Transfer Format|Informix DataBlade|INTERLIS|INGRES|KML|LIBKML|Mapinfo Microstation DGN|Access MDB (PGeo and Geomedia capable)|Memory|MySQL|NAS - ALKIS|Oracle Spatial|ODBC|MS SQL Spatial|OGDI Vectors (VPF, VMAP, DCW)|OpenAir|PCI Geomatics Database File|PDS|PGDump|PostgreSQL/PostGIS|EPIInfo .REC|S-57 (ENC)|SDTS|Norwegian SOSI Standard|SQLite/SpatiaLite|SUA|UK .NTF|U.S. Census TIGER|VFK|VRT - Virtual Datasource|OGC WFS (Web Feature Service)|X-Plane/Flighgear"
GDAL_FORMATS="Arc/Info ASCII Grid|ACE2|ADRG/ARC Digitilized Raster Graphics|Arc/Info Binary Grid|AIRSAR Polarimetric|Magellan BLX Topo|Bathymetry Attributed Grid|Microsoft Windows Device Independent Bitmap|BSB Nautical Chart Format|VTP Binary Terrain Format|CEOS (Spot for instance)|DRDC COASP SAR Processor Raster|TerraSAR-X Complex SAR Data Product|Convair PolGASP data|USGS LULC Composite Theme Grid|Spot DIMAP|ELAS DIPEx|DODS/OPeNDAP|First Generation USGS DOQ|New Labelled USGS DOQ|Military Elevation Data|ERDAS Compressed Wavelets|ESRI .hdr Labelled|Erdas Imagine Raw|NASA ELAS|ENVI .hdr Labelled Raster|Epsilon - Wavelet compressed images|ERMapper|Envisat Image Product|EOSAT FAST Format|FIT|FITS|Fuji BAS Scanner Image|Generic Binary (.hdr Labelled)|Oracle Spatial GeoRaster|GSat File Format|Graphics Interchange Format|WMO GRIB1/GRIB2|GMT Compatible netCDF|GRASS Rasters|GRASS ASCII Grid|Golden Software ASCII Grid|Golden Software Binary Grid|GSC
 Geogrid|TIFF|BigTIFF|GeoTIFF|NOAA .gtx|GXF/Grid eXchange File|HDF4|HDF5|HF2/HFZ heightfield raster|Erdas Imagine|Image Display and Analysis (WinDisp)|ILWIS Raster Map|Intergraph Raster|USGS Astrogeology ISIS cube|JAXA PALSAR Product Reader|Japanese DEM|JPEG JFIF|JPEG-LS|JPEG2000|ECW|KAK|MrSID|OpenJPEG|JPIP|KMLSUPEROVERLAY|NOAA Polar Orbiter Level 1b Data Set (AVHRR)|Erdas .LAN and .GIS|FARSITE LCP Format|Daylon Leveller Heightfield|NADCON .los/.las|In Memory Raster|Vexcel MFF/MFF2|MG4 Encoded Lidar|Multi-resolution Seamless Image Database|Meteosat Second Generation|EUMETSAT Archive native|NLAPS Data Format|NITF|NetCDF|NTv2|Northwood/VerticalMapper Grid|OGDI Bridge|OZI OZF2/OZFX3|PCI .aux Labelled|PCI Geomatics Database File|PCRaster|Geospatial PDF|NASA Planetary Data System|Portable Network Graphics|PostGIS Raster|Netpbm|R Object Data Store|Rasdaman|Rasterlite/SQLite|Swedish Grid RIK|Raster Matrix Format|Raster Product Format/RPF (CADRG, CIB)|RadarSat2
 XML|Idrisi Raster|SAGA Binary|SAR CEOS|ArcSDE Raster|USGS SDTS DEM|SGI Image|Standard Raster Product (ASRP/USRP)|SRTM HGT|Terragen Heightfield|Terralib|EarthWatch/DigitalGlobe|TerraSAR-X Product|USGS ASCII DEM / CDED|GDAL Virtual|OGC Web Coverage Server|OGC Web Map Server|X11 Pixmap|ASCII Gridded XYZ"

echo "#format|hits" > format_freq.dat

for FMT in $FORMATS ; do
   echo "[$FMT]"
   SEARCH=`echo "$FMT" | sed -e 's|[,-/()]| |g' -e 's/ $//' | tr -s ' ' '+'`
   HITS=`lynx -dump "$URL\"$SEARCH\"" | grep 'About .* results' | awk '{print $2}' | sed -e 's/,//g'`
   echo "   $HITS"
   echo "$FMT|$HITS" >> format_freq.dat


ps- recursive email, HITS = HITS+1  :^)

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