[Live-demo] Fwd: One week till OSGeo-Live Feature Freeze

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 29 22:23:09 PST 2011

[osmosis for bin/install_osm.sh]

Johan wrote:
> Anyway - I can look if I can compile the maverick or natty
> package for lucid. It's a cleaner way to install than using a
> tarball. But I'd only do it if I'm sure that that version of
> osmosis is good for the live cd.

versions of the .jar supplied at the website (inside the tarball)
have both bleeding edge and "tested". We go for the "tested" one.
(or source taken from the same revision in svn)

Since install is just copying it into /usr/local/share/osm/
next to JOSM I wasn't going to bother with a .deb, but feel free
to do it properly if you like.

If you do debuild it into a .deb, I've been stashing those here:
just let me know. (I had already done that for a osm2pgsql)



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