[Live-demo] Which Natural Earth example layers should be included on OSGeo-Live?

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Mon Jan 24 14:52:54 PST 2011

There have been a few emails floating back and forth about which Natural 
Earth layers should be included on the OSGeo-Live DVD, which I'm hoping 
will now come on list as I feel the Natural Earth dataset has the 
potential to benefit most applications installed on OSGeo-Live.

The NaturalEarth project provide free world base maps at various 
resolutions and in various formats.

What I'd like to know is which of these layers we should be including on 
OSGeo-Live (noting that we are space limited and won't be able to 
include them all).
Ideally, we should provide a representative range of datasets which can 
be used to demonstrate all our applications. I assume this should include:
* A point layer
* A line layer
* A polygon layer
* A raster layer
I expect there will be other requirements that people will want from the 
data. What are they?

Nathaniel, (from the NaturalEarth community),
Would you mind sharing your thoughts on which datasets you think we 
should include and why.

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