[Live-demo] 4.5alpha1 Build has started

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Mon Jan 31 20:31:04 PST 2011


I've started the build of the Alpha1.
I actually have 2 builds racing each other on 2 servers.
1. is the same way we did the last few releases on a vmware box logged
in to an xterm session on an install of Xubuntu.
2. is a chroot build on a 10.04 server

ETA, tomorrow morning (~4-12 hours) since I probably won't be awake when
they finish.

Build #2 will likely crash and burn in several ways related to "user"
not existing, no home directory etc. I will post in another thread about
that since I want to pursue this method in order to start creating 100%
automated builds that'll run faster. I'm thinking a branch may be in
order in svn to accommodate this idea? Was thinking of using git or bzr
to branch it develop and merge back later, suggestions welcome.


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