[Live-demo] Enhancement for Version number in Online Documentation

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 4 11:48:32 PDT 2011

> > sphinx has been a bit of a moving target..
> Agree, it was only mentioned to get feedback if anybody else
> had problems like this. I know, that the geotools project works
> with ant build scripts and there it seems to work but I've no
> idea what OS the build server for the docs is running.

it's debian/lenny with a bleeding-edge sphinx version (at the
time) that another project installed... = half broken but mostly
works; not a good test if the ubu 11.04 sphinx will work.

> > also note that if the Makefile changes the nightly doc build
> > on the adhoc server stops until I validate them. (intentional
> > feature, not a bug)
> Quit interesting. Everything still all right after my changes? 

not sure, I'll be off south beyond the reach of internet & cell
phones for the week, will restart it once I'm back.

> Is there a public accessible build server (hudson/jenkins)
> where I can check the build results?

view the results here:   http://adhoc.osgeo.osuosl.org/livedvd/

note error log is 280kb folks.... please be tidy

> Is it possible to get these results to the mailing list?

not sure what you mean, but generally this mailing list isn't
meant for data or large attachments.
or do you mean auto-notify the list if it breaks?

> > > In addition I searched all 'OSGeo Live' occurrences and
> > >replaced it with OSGeo-Live.
> >
> > it would be better to make the grep regex more robust, rather
> > than forcing all docs to use an identical version of the nom
> > du jour.  grep 'OSGeo[ -]Live' *.rst
> Thanks! To be exact I used the sed and searched 
> the regular expression 'OSGeo.Live' and replaced it 
> with OSGeo-Live. ;)

I've never been happy with that name, but don't really have much
of a better suggestion...

viva osgeo,

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