[Live-demo] RE: MapGuide on LiveDVD 5.0

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 13:55:18 PDT 2011

I'm very concerned about the knock on implications of MapGuide being 
removed from OSGeo-Live, and hence would like to be creative about ways 
to fix it for the next release.

There has been discussion on the osgeo incubation list about doing 
periodic reviews of incubated projects to determine whether they should 
continue to be supported by OSGeo or should be retired (as per Mapbuilder).
Although we have not moved forward and defined the periodic review 
criteria, I expect it will likely be aligned with building OSGeo-Live, 
and criteria will likely include that the application is updated on 
OSGeo-Live with each release.

If we were able to find a volunteer developer, would you be able to make 
effective use of them to help you in packaging MapGuide?
Are there others in the MapGuide user community who may be able to help you?
We have 24 days until UAT which we could make use of, although it would 
be much better if we could fix issues within the next week, and give us 
time to test what can/cannot fit on the DVD.

On 07/07/11 23:42, Trevor Wekel wrote:
> Hi Johan,
> Ubuntu is a significant distribution and we currently support it by deb packaging CentOS 5 binaries.  It's not a great solution but it did work for Ubuntu 9 and 10.  With Ubuntu 11, the package differences between CentOS 5 and Ubuntu 11 are too significant for this approach to work.  This has forced us to finally move to native compilation on Ubuntu 11.
> It will simply take time to fix up all the third party dependencies and update the build procedure to be Ubuntu 11 compatible.  I am moving the process forward in my off hours.  To hit LiveDVD 5.0 timelines, I would need to work on it full time.
> So I wouldn't say "hard to install on Ubuntu".  It's more like "haven't got around to compiling on Ubuntu".
> Regards,
> Trevor
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>> I'm very reluctant to have documentation on OSGeo-Live for an application
>> which is not included.
>> Note that OSGeo-Live is being handed out to first time users, and if us
>> developers find it hard to install the application, then newbies will find
>> it even harder.
> Hard to install on ubuntu. Which in fact could be solved by running a
> virtual machine with centos running mapguide, which is not an option
> for a live dvd.
> In fact, we can update the overview [0] to limit to red hat/centos and
> windows (or whatever is appropriate), instead of 'linux and windows'.
> And specify that this is the reason why it is not included on the live
> dvd.
> [0]http://live.osgeo.org/en/overview/mapguide_overview.html

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