[Live-demo] Desktop Artwork

maplabs at light42.com maplabs at light42.com
Sun Jul 17 22:02:34 PDT 2011

  There has been some discussion about the desktop artwork for this LiveDVD 5

I beleive that there will be a common desktop for all purposes, 
emphasizing the 
LiveDVD brand

but right now, I wanted to get people's feedback on artwork 
specifically for FOSS4G 
Since it is the once-annual, international summit for OSGeo, I think it 
almost goes without 
saying that there ought to be something great in honor of that specific 
event. The desktop
artwork in Beta1 is a candidate.. there are several in the works.. 

  feedback welcome 
  best regards

Brian Hamlin
OSGeo California Chapter
415-717-4462 cell

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