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Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Wed Jul 20 03:12:46 PDT 2011

Brian's desktop image can be found here:

My thoughts on the image are:

1. I really like the faded redish colour scheme you are using for the 
mountains and background. It looks good without interfering with 
whatever may be on the screen.

2. I also like where you have placed the OSGeo logo, hanging in the 
corner like a moon.

2.1 I suggest that we should use the OSGeo-Live logo, which includes 
both the OSGeo logo and a heart.

2.2 The OSGeo logo doesn't look very crisp. Seems there has been some 
bleeding of the colours.

3. I like the placement of the red banner running into the mountains, 
but feel it would look better if the colour were more washed out, and 
rather than using bright red, use a darker shade of  "sunset red" you 
are using on the background.

4. Regarding text, I suggest that our base download shouldn't say 
"FOSS4G" on it, as it may discourage other conferences from distributing 
it, as it will weaken the brand name of other conferences.
My preference is to have no text, or maybe "OSGeo-Live 5.0".
We could potentially do a special print run for FOSS4G which has "FOSS4G 
2011" on it.

On 18/07/11 15:02, maplabs at light42.com wrote:
>   There has been some discussion about the desktop artwork for this 
> LiveDVD 5
> I beleive that there will be a common desktop for all purposes, 
> emphasizing the
> LiveDVD brand
> but right now, I wanted to get people's feedback on artwork 
> specifically for FOSS4G
> Since it is the once-annual, international summit for OSGeo, I think 
> it almost goes without
> saying that there ought to be something great in honor of that 
> specific event. The desktop
> artwork in Beta1 is a candidate.. there are several in the works..
>   feedback welcome
>   best regards
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