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Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
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On 19/07/11 17:01, Frank Gasdorf wrote:
>     I updated the quickstart guide [1], could anybody have a look at
>     it, especially the English one -I'm not a native speaker ;) -
>     changed from udig_data data set to natural earth. The German and
>     the English quickstarts are up to date (textual). What still need
>     a bit love are the screenshots. I'm going to start taking these
>     tomorrow but like to set up the 5.0 beta1 before.
> Is there a link where we can see that document in "published" 
> human readable form?
Provides links to a nightly build, as well as the stable release of the 

If you have downloaded the docs into linux based environment, you can do 
the following:

cd trunk/doc
make html

look at docs in _build/html/en/index.html

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