[Live-demo] Docs audit

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 2 13:47:26 PDT 2011

Cameron wrote:
> I've also looked for documentation
> which references the osgeo-live filesystem and have found
> the following (again I may be missing some).
> Hamish, what should be our policy where docs should be
> stored? Maybe:
> /usr/local/share/doc/<application>/<docs>

just to note that the Debian policy (and so ubuntu implementation)
puts docs for all official packages into
 /usr/share/doc/<package name>/
and often <package name> has been split off into "<package>-doc".
e.g. look at the gmt packages:
 ls /usr/share/doc/gmt*
and the thousands of dirs (1 for each installed pkg) in

so your proposal mimics that in local/, which is fine.

On the other hand, we sometime use /usr/local/<app name>/ for
data + docs, and for something like mbsystem it seems fine to
keep them all together .. why hunt elsewhere on the filesystem
if you don't have to?

..either way seems fine to me. maybe if docs are stand-alone
put them in share, if lots of other stuff is already in local/app
then no need to split them up?

fwiw I find /usr/local/share/<app> for data and *publicly needed*
support files a bit buried so harder to discover casually, but
don't really have anything against share/ beyond that itch.

there is also /opt which we don't seem to use much. (not that I'm
suggesting we do, but to put all the options on the table)

> /usr/share/doc/gmt/html

(official debian package's placement, right?)

> /usr/local/share/opencpn/doc/help_en_US.html
> /usr/local/share/opencpn/doc/tips.html

fyi I have been working on official debian packaging for opencpn,
you can expect the above custom placement to be gone next time.

> /var/www/ushahidi/readme.html

seems like it needs to be there


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