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Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
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Alex, good to hear that you are a resident expert here.
While I'm ok with people using whatever they like to capture videos, I 
suggest that one of us should go through the process end-to-end, and 
then document all the tools, processes, formats etc that were used. That 
way the next person (like me in this case) doesn't have to do the 
research, I just follow the steps.

My outstanding questions when using an ubuntu system are:
1. What tool should we use for screen capture?
2. What resolution and quality should we use?
3. Should we use any special settings, like having a yellow circle 
around the cursor?
5. What format should we store in? (I think you are suggesting ogg?)
6. What tool should we use to edit captured video? (kdenlive seemed like 
the best tool I could find, but it didn't seem to do screen capture)

On 12/06/11 16:34, Alex Mandel wrote:
> Yes Video Maker is windows only, Macs come with iMovie, etc.
> Then there's Cinelerra, Pitivi, Kdenlive, OpenShot? (list goes on but
> they're either complex to use or don't work very well).
> If you record it right the first time there really aren't much in the
> way of edits to do. Simple things like splicing to videos together or
> grabbing only a portion can be done with Avidemux (Cross platform FOSS).
> I would suggest people use whatever they want to use to capture and
> produce the videos so long as they can get it uploaded to Youtube, Vimeo
> or some other service - we should probably pick one and make a channel
> to put all of them. In that sense format doesn't matter at all.
> If we care about format, then the answer is simple Ogg Theora/Vorbis
> (Video/Audio) - It's really the only open format and in contention for
> the WebGL standard. Mpeg2 or Avi would work on most things but their
> compression sucks.
> If all you can do is AVI then that's fine, we can run it through
> Handbrake (A great Foss app) or Avidemux to create Flash, H.264 (aka
> Podcast) or Ogg.
> I spent way too much time pondering this a couple of years ago when
> trying to record lectures in an open format, so feel free to ask questions.
> Thanks,
> Alex
> On 06/11/2011 04:55 AM, Cameron Shorter wrote:
>> Thanks Bob for following through on this.
>> Am I right in understanding that Video Maker only runs on windows?
>> I think that when we are creating an exemplar Open Source showcase, we
>> ideally should look into a video editing process which uses Open Source
>> as well, probably on Ubuntu, as that is what we are building osgeo-live
>> upon.
>> I've successfully used Kdenlive for editing screen shots and audio into
>> a video, and this seemed to work quite well.
>> http://cameronshorter.blogspot.com/2010/09/osgeolive-40-lightening-overview.html
>> I haven't yet looked into screen capture tools.
>> Re question about formats - I'm not sure what the pros and cons are of
>> the different formats. I'd be interested to hear advice on this.
>> On 10/06/11 04:36, Bob Basques wrote:
>>> All,
>>> Playing around with Video Maker . . .
>>> So far I've popped this out
>>> :_/http://pwultra5.ci.stpaul.mn.us/cp_tiles/tmp/livedvd/GM2.2-clipped.html/_
>>> Would an Audio Track (help/hurt)?  Any preferred formats?  (I can do
>>> Flash [SWF/FLV], Quicktime, WMV, AVI, MS Powerpoint?)
>>> NOTE: I'll figured out the clipping on export.
>>> bobb
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