[Live-demo] Quickstart (video??)

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 12 05:29:06 PDT 2011

It is unclear to me: is the goal to have narrated screencasts, or
demonstrations of humans doing the task? (by the latter I mean
the conceptual equivalent of a video camera trained on the
screen+operator, who turns to the camera every now and then with
a toothy grin)

something to try:
  apt-get install recordmydesktop
Description: Captures audio-video data of a Linux desktop session
 The application produces an ogg-encapsulated theora-vorbis file.
 recordMyDesktop tries to be as unobstrusive as possible by proccessing only
 regions of the screen that have changed

[unabstrusive would have been a more entertaining misspelling]

see also the ubuntu howto links here:

vnc2swf looks interesting (flash animation, not movie so maybe
smaller files + better quality, but needs a flash player)

any thoughts on WebM + Vorbis? Is it supported out of the box
in 11.04, or are the libraries too new?

any thoughts on speex for the audio codec, as just voice?
(as long as we suggest to use VLC as the recommended player,
anything from the Ogg family of codecs shouldn't be an issue for
end users or YouTube-alikes)

another thing which comes to mind is play & pause audio guides,
like in museums or along the lines of RiffTrax?


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