[Live-demo] Liberal licensing of Project Overviews in LiveDVD, do we want this?

Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas jsanz at osgeo.org
Wed Jun 29 23:51:36 PDT 2011

El 30/06/11 02:30, Simon Cropper escribió:
> Hi Guys,
> Cameron has just posted the new licensing details for the LiveDVD.
> I presume if you actually opened my post that you may be concerned with
> how Project Overviews may be used.
> If you have any opinions on this matter PLEASE speak up -- don't just
> sit in the background as *Cameron will take the lack of any responses as
> an implicit YES to his proposal*.
> Personally I have a problem with Project Overviews, or any technical
> documentation for that matter, being locked up in
> Commercial-in-Confidence derivatives. I think Project Overviews, which
> can be legitimately be included 'as is' in a proposal or design
> document, shouldn't need to be reworked. To me the reworked document,
> which needs to include your name as original author, implies some sort
> of collaboration has occurred when none has occurred. Yes, reworked
> documents do look better but contribute nothing the the broader
> CC/FOSS/OSGeo community.
> But this is my opinion. If you have one - for or against - *especially
> those people that have authored the Project Overviews*, SPEAK UP!

I agree to have CC-BY at overviews, they are light documents (not really
so technical) and in my opinion, the more they are spread, the better.

If they are so attractive to make easy the life of people applying for
tenders (for example), for me that's perfect. They don't imply that the
author is seconding or collaborating with the tender at all. My point is
to look far ahead, not just the documents, and see if they help for
companies, teachers, anyone, to spread the use of FOSS4G at the
industry, education, etc.

On the other side, I like the quickstarts to be Share-Alike as are
technical documents that can always improve so if anyone does any
modification (better explanations or screenshots, more details,
sections, etc). Redistributing the changes for the good of everyone is

I'm not sure if I'm contradicting myself or not, but that's my feeling
right now :-)


Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas

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