[Live-demo] Liberal licensing of Project Overviews in LiveDVD, do we want this?

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at lisasoft.com
Thu Jun 30 06:43:06 PDT 2011

> I agree to have CC-BY at overviews, they are light documents (not really
> so technical) and in my opinion, the more they are spread, the better.
> If they are so attractive to make easy the life of people applying for
> tenders (for example), for me that's perfect. They don't imply that the
> author is seconding or collaborating with the tender at all. My point is
> to look far ahead, not just the documents, and see if they help for
> companies, teachers, anyone, to spread the use of FOSS4G at the
> industry, education, etc.
> On the other side, I like the quickstarts to be Share-Alike as are
> technical documents that can always improve so if anyone does any
> modification (better explanations or screenshots, more details,
> sections, etc). Redistributing the changes for the good of everyone is
> desirable.

Jorge's comments above reflect my views as well. Thanks Jorge.

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