[Live-demo] Liberal licensing of Project Overviews in LiveDVD, do we want this?

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 16:21:03 PDT 2011

Thank you for first identifying our documenting licence issues, and 
informing our debate since then. I really appreciate your advice and 
respect your opinion in this regard.

With regards to license selection, I'm proposing to go with your advice 
of CC-By-SA for Quickstarts, but only use CC-By for the Project 
Overviews, for the reasons already discussed on this list.

I hear your strong opinions that we should use CC-By-SA for all 
documents, but I'm also aware that it is hard to please everyone, and in 
order to move forward we will need to make a decision and hope that we 
are addressing the majority desires.

So far, I've had 25 people respond saying they are fine with suggested 
license selection, and apart from yourself, I don't think anyone has 
objected. (If you have contributed to osgeo-live and haven't responded, 
please let me know if you ok with my proposal).

So unless we get further debate in the next 24 hours, I plan to start 
putting the license in place, ready for the document freeze in a bit 
over 2 weeks. (18 July).

On 30/06/11 10:30, Simon Cropper wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> Cameron has just posted the new licensing details for the LiveDVD.
> I presume if you actually opened my post that you may be concerned 
> with how Project Overviews may be used.
> If you have any opinions on this matter PLEASE speak up -- don't just 
> sit in the background as *Cameron will take the lack of any responses 
> as an implicit YES to his proposal*.
> Personally I have a problem with Project Overviews, or any technical 
> documentation for that matter, being locked up in 
> Commercial-in-Confidence derivatives. I think Project Overviews, which 
> can be legitimately be included 'as is' in a proposal or design 
> document, shouldn't need to be reworked. To me the reworked document, 
> which needs to include your name as original author, implies some sort 
> of collaboration has occurred when none has occurred. Yes, reworked 
> documents do look better but contribute nothing the the broader 
> CC/FOSS/OSGeo community.
> But this is my opinion. If you have one - for or against - *especially 
> those people that have authored the Project Overviews*, SPEAK UP!

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