[Live-demo] Re: How should we handle OSGeo-Live translations?

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 13:11:42 PST 2011

As suggested by the translation communities,

I've updated the Makefile script so that for docs which don't have a 
translation, we now point users at the English equivalent file.

We have translations for: English, German, Greek, Spanish, Japanese and 
I've disable translated pages for Italian and Romanian. (Hopefully we 
will get these for the next release?)

On 28/02/11 07:11, Cameron Shorter wrote:
> In order to meet our printing deadlines for March 2011 conferences, we 
> need to have all our documentation completely finalised by 7 March (in 
> one week).
> Here is the current status, sourced from the translation status 
> spreadsheet [1]:
> Directory      en    de    el     es    it     ja    ro    pl
> Overviews    47    39    47    13    0    14    0    12
> Quickstarts   45    3     37    3      0    0    0    5
> Standards     12    11   12    11    0    0    0    0
> As it stands, we have reasonably complete translations for Greek, and 
> only a few overviews missing for German. Spanish, Japanese and Polish 
> have a few translated docs. Some Overviews have been updated to the 
> latest doc version, others have not.
> So what should our policy be for:
> 1. Languages that don't have a full set of translations of Overviews?
> Should they be included, or should we wait until the following release 
> and wait for a more complete set of translations?
> 2. Docs which don't have a translation yet? Should we just redirect 
> links to the English equivalent doc? (That will be easy to set up).
> 3. Translated docs where there is a more recent English version 
> available.
> Usually the updated English is only minor since the last release, 
> where the version number has of the release has changed. (Identifying 
> out of date versions is more difficult and I don't think I'll be able 
> to set it up in time for this release).
> I'd like to take guidance from each translation community, as you are 
> the people taking OSGeo-Live into your community. I'm looking for each 
> community to come to a statement along the lines of "For XXX language, 
> we would like to ..."
> [1] 
> https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AlRFyY1XenjJdFRDbjFyWHg1MlNTRm10QXk0UWEzWlE&hl=en_GB&authkey=CPTB6uIE#gid=23

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