[Live-demo] gvsig the only application on OSGeo-Live without a Quickstart

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 16:21:18 PST 2011

We have Overviews and Quickstart documentation for all 47 applications 
installed on OSGeo-Live, except zygrib  and gvsig.

It will be disappointing to see one of the leading OSGeo projects not 
promoted effectively on OSGeo-Live.
Is there any chance that someone from the gvsig community could step 
forward to put something together. (It should only take around 4 hours 
to put something simple together).

Please let me know asap if we should wait for the gvsig quickstart. We 
only have till the end of the week before we completely freeze our 
documentation for the next release.

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