[Live-demo] Re: [Workshops] FOSS4G 2011 Workshop Deadlines - related to OSGeo-Live

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 14:49:01 PDT 2011

Ben and Foss4g workshop presenters,

Yes, one of our drivers for OSGeo-Live is for it to be used in workshops 
such as FOSS4G workshops.
So we would love to support any presenter who would like to make use of 
OSGeo-Live in their presentation.

Due to the level of quality and testing we apply to OSGeo-Live, we have 
quite a long build cycle, which you will need to factor in if using 

I've just set up the schedule for our 5.0 foss4g 2011 release here:

Key dates:
2 May 2011: Start release cycle
4 July 2011: Feature Freeze - all final versions of applications installed
1 August 2011: All applications installed and tested, and sent to User 
Acceptance Test
22 August 2011: We burn the final ISO and send to the printers
12 September 2011: FOSS4G

Anyone who wishes to add a new application to OSGeo-Live should contact 
us soon, and definitely by the start of our release cycle in May. The 
process for getting an application onto OSGeo-Live is explained here:

On 30/03/2011 2:44 PM, Ben Tuttle wrote:
> Hi all-
> On behalf of the workshop committee I am sharing with you all the
> following deadlines for workshop presenters. After careful
> consideration of the timeline to get ready for the workshops at FOSS4G
> 2011, we have set the following deadlines for workshop presenters.
> Items 1&  2 are firm deadlines that presenters will need to meet. Item
> 3 is a recommended guideline the committee is putting forth based on
> discussion of past experience.
> 1-Presenter's software requirements and all materials to be installed
> on machines must be submitted to the workshop committee -- July 1,
> 2011
> 2-Presenter's print materials (Max. 25 pages double-sided, black&
> white, will be provided by the conference) must be submitted to the
> workshop committee -- Augsut 15, 2011
> 3-The workshop committee suggests that if you intend to use the Live
> DVD you test it for your needs by -- August 1, 2011
> --For more details or questions pertaining to the Live DVD please use
> its mailing list: http://lists.osgeo.org/mailman/listinfo/live-demo
> Thanks for your time and efforts. We have a great set of workshops and
> look forward to seeing you in September.

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