[Live-demo] Re: OSGeo Live. Linux vs Windows.

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Wed Mar 30 13:04:31 PDT 2011

On 03/30/2011 12:17 PM, Cameron Shorter wrote:
> Pedro,
> Thank you so much for sending this email. Based on your questions, I
> think that you are exactly the sort of person we have been creating the
> LiveDVD for, and hence your questions are very enlightening and
> highlight holes that we have in our documentation as we don't describe
> the differences between Windows and Linux, and what is and is not
> achievable.
> With your permission, I'm CCing the OSGeo-Live list, as I think we have
> a lot to learn from your question.
> On 29/03/2011 9:00 PM, Pedro Machado Monteiro wrote:
>> Good morning Cameron:
>> Your message about Version 4.5 of the OSGeo was sent to GvSig mailing
>> lists, and so I could read it.
>> Theese questions may be stupid, as I dont know much about operating
>> systems and computers, but it would be even more stupid not to ask:
> The questions are indeed common amongst windows users who are not
> familiar with linux (which is a lot of people, and a large portion of
> our target audience).
> So I'm glad you have asked.
>> a) is it possible to run [the programs included in] OSGeo Live (DVD or
>> USB pen) on a Windows PC (XP, Vista, or 7) ?
> Most of the programs on OSGeo-Live are available with installers for
> both windows and linux. The OSGeo-Live DVD provides the software on
> linux. We have included some of the windows and mac installers on the
> LiveDVD as well (you can see a link to it from the main documentation
> page).
Booting the DVD will work on almost any computer, and ignores the
operating system on the computer. If you want to run both at the same
time we recommend the use of a Virtual Machine as described in the docs.

>> b) if so, is it possible to save in the PC hard disk, an use - or
>> convert - in a Windows environment, the data files created with those
>> programs ? For instance, if I create a /shp/ with any of those
>> programs (v.g GvSig) can I save and read and use that shape with GvSig
>> or ArcGis for Windows ?
> Yes you can create files on linux, then copy the files to windows and
> view them in the same, or another application on windows. Or at least
> you can in theory. As with anything, you should check to confirm there
> are not any minor differences between the way different applications
> save files.

Running in live mode you can just save stuff directly to the system hard
drive. Should come up in the Places menu.

Within a Virtual Machine like Virtual Box there is a tool to share a
folder between the host and clients so you can pass files easily. See
Virtualbox.org for more information on that feature.

>> c) is it possible to use - or convert - with [the programs included
>> in] OSGeo Live (DVD or USB pen) the data files created with equivalent
>> programs in a Windows environment (shapes or rasters, for instance) ?
> Yes, same answer as for b)
>> Thank you very much
>> With my best regards, and excuses.
>> Pedro Monteiro


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