[Live-demo] OSGeoLive at Intergeo 2011

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 19 22:59:09 PST 2011

activityworkshop wrote:
> So I finally got to try out the DVD, and as I'd
> helped to put Prune on the DVD, I was eager to
> try it out.  The DVD works great, but from a
> purely personal view I was disappointed to see
> that Prune wasn't obvious in the menus.
> According to the contents pages it belongs to
> the category "Navigation and maps", but I
> couldn't find Prune in that menu (or any of the
> other category menus), or in any of the category
> folders on the desktop.

AFAIR prune was added late in the 4.5 cycle, and
as such wasn't included in the main list, but for
the adventurous it was still put on the disc to

For the 5.0 release it was included in the
main list,

but not the main Geospatial Nav apps menu because
nobody noticed it was missing in time I guess.

hopefully now fixed in svn r7279.

> Only by searching through all the other menus did
> I finally find it (in Applications -> Education
> for some reason).

the gpsprune UbuntuGIS package includes 
/usr/share/applications/gpsprune.desktop, which

so it gets grouped into that menu.

(in the 5.0 live disc it ended up in the Apps->
Geoscience menu, fwiw)

> Once I'd found it, it seems to work fine, but
> I'd appreciate it if Prune's menu item could be
> included in the GIS-related folders rather than
> the more general-sounding "Education"
> folder.


I only take your feedback as positive criticism,
but I will take the opportunity to remind anyone
reading that if you want to see something happen,
it is best to take up the initiative yourself.
We're all part timers and often it just takes a
single interested party to get the ball rolling &
inspire others to help. Often the person to get the
ball rolling is going to be you though, so don't be
shy. :-)  Also it is primarily up to the various
dev teams to test their own apps functionality,
as you're the best judge to say if it is working
properly or not & spot omissions others might not
know to look for.


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