[Live-demo] Re: Fwd: OSGEO Live 5 USB Distribution testing

Tyler Mitchell tmitchell at osgeo.org
Wed Nov 23 15:59:21 PST 2011

>> I know many people who would definitely use such
>> a disk; and continue using it, but much less
>> people who would actually do so with the linux
>> version.
> a goal of the usb bootable linux version is that
> the user can start it up and work without without
> ever really knowing that it was powered by linux
> in the first place. perhaps a long term goal, but
> maybe one day.

Years ago I had a cross platform bootable disk based
on qemu (and starkit??) which ran PostGIS and MapServer
really well.  I wonder if something like that would be a
bit lighter and could be added on top of the existing set.


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