[Live-demo] Re: Fwd: OSGEO Live 5 USB Distribution testing

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 23 15:08:03 PST 2011

Johan wrote:
> Very interesting to read this experience. In fact
> it makes me doubt whether we should not also
> focus on providing a live dvd for windows,
> where one could test different programs without
> having to install them, and which can use the
> same documentation and quickstarts as the linux
> version.

as in those from http://portableapps.com/ ?

It would be great to see such a thing, although
it is a challenge I would personally leave it for
others to pursue.

fwiw I've always considered Macs as a riper orchard
for finding converts. They are less entrenched in
using InterGlom GIS's software (since they have to
run it via Parallels or some Windows VM), and are
more used to running niche apps. A native solution
is always deeply appreciated.

On Windows I'd expect a lower hit rate, but multiply
that by more users and maybe it balances itself out.

"OSGeo Apps for Android" sounds like the basis for
a great wiki page at wiki.osgeo.org, & see where it

> I know many people who would definitely use such
> a disk; and continue using it, but much less
> people who would actually do so with the linux
> version.

a goal of the usb bootable linux version is that
the user can start it up and work without without
ever really knowing that it was powered by linux
in the first place. perhaps a long term goal, but
maybe one day.


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