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I can see both pluses and minuses to this idea, but it has certainly got 
me thinking.

You have mentioned the pluses below, of giving a project a way to 
clearly note the credentials of the project (in this case that the 
project have part of their marketing pipeline in order).

On the downside, I think we run the risk of confusing potential uses 
with lots of slightly different badges, one for osgeo, another for 
incubation, another for foss4g, and so on.

I think what you are highlighting is a much greater opportunity for 
providing standardised metrics which can be used to differentiate the 
viability of different open (and closed) source projects.
Users want to know:
* Application robustness
* Licence audit
* Community robustness
* Documentation available
* Training available
* ...
I don't have any quick answers for this yet, but do hope we can 
gradually work toward this.

On 18/10/2011 8:44 AM, Jody Garnett wrote:
> In the incubation committee I have been considering the role the 
> project badges play.
> I was wondering if there would be interest in creating a badge for 
> "osgeo live" participation. This would actually be really nice in that:
> a) projects could advertise their participation in the osgeo live 
> project; and be rewarded for the hard work involved in participation
> b) the badge could serve as a link to the project description page 
> (thus driving traffic and interest to the osgeo live project and 
> allowing projects to quickly link to the documentation they have created).
> What do you think? The badge may be simple; or it may want to be a bit 
> more specific (something like "OSgeo Live"+"Quickstart" to make it 
> obvious that there is documentation available in trade for clicking on 
> the link).
> Something to think about..
> -- 
> Jody Garnett
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