[Live-demo] Planing Roadmap in OSGeo Trac for Live Project

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 3 16:47:51 PDT 2012

Cameron wrote:
> I'd like to hear if Hamish has anything to add before we put
> this into action, as he usually has wise advise in this area.


I've been on a boat for the last few weeks (and will be again for
the next couple of weeks too; for the next few days while I have
internet access I'll be concentrating my osgeo time on GSoC
matters) and missed most of the discussion. Beyond the last
flurry of posts could you summarize what the problem is and what
the proposed solution is?

AFAIK nothing is broken, maintaining the livedvd version number in
the bug report's keyword section is working fine* and not too
ugly, and if it ain't broke, my strong recommendation is to not
try and fix it or make things any more complicated than they
already are. We have enough infrastructure to maintain already
without adding more to the heap.

[*] and yes, it is possible to make specialized reports based on
comma separated trac keywords, & I know how to do that (already
implemented for parsing out osgeo4w and WinGrass bugs).


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