[Live-demo] OSM sample data on OSGeo-Live

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 3 04:52:28 PDT 2012


the Beijing "planet.osm" file is now generated and posted at

the next build from now should pick it up.

it's about twice the size of the small Denver CBD extract from last year,
a little smaller than Barcelona, and many times smaller than the full
Denver City extract.

If it is too huge I also made a smaller "central" version of the city
which crops out the suburbs including the airports.

pgRouting: (and anyone else who might have scaling problems) how did
you go with the Barcelona dataset? was it too big?

I also prepared a sqlite DB of all the OSM POIs, Beijing_poi.db.bz2 from
the same URL as the Beijing.osm file. It will be used for GpsDrive, but
is generic and could be useful to others.


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