[Live-demo] Which version of openjdk should be included on OSGeo-Live 6.0?

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 4 15:09:16 PDT 2012

Angelos wrote:
> > What should be our policy in case of a project still
> > dependent on openjdk6 close to release date? Shall we
> > exclude it from the disk for version 6.0?

Cameron wrote:
> I'd like hear back from projects before we make this call.
> I think our options are:
> 1. Only ship with openjdk7 and expect all projects to
> migrate to openjdk7. This would be my preference if
> possible, as we will be able to save disk space, which we
> can use for including new applications.
> 2. Ship with openjdk6 and 7, and have applications select
> which version they are using in their startup script. This
> will probably require all java applications to update their
> startup script to select the java version they require
> during initialisation.

since the 'default-jdk' package on Ubuntu 12.04 is depending on
openjdk-6-jdk, it seems a mixed message to then penalize projects
for "doing the right thing" by using the official OS sources,
when we're trying to encourage packaging into the OS.


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