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Hi All-  
 live report from the 2012 Worldwide Ubuntu Developer Summit in Oakland, California. 

Java Questions

  I spoke with james.page at canonical dot com about all things java on Ubuntu, and towards getting apps to work well for the upcoming release of OSGeo Live. Since I freely admit ignrance about Java deveopment and deployment, it was a short and one-sided conversation in the hallway, but I hope very constructive for all. Here is my best recollection of it:
Q. Is it wise to try to package our Java apps ?
A. dont go back to source.. use .jar files as a building block and write your scripts to place .jar files here and there as needed. Java is very forgiving about running binaries between 6/7 and Oracle/Open.. but if you try to go back to source, not so. This OSGeo Live project is seeking to be a layer on top of Ubuntu, not integrated into Ubuntu, no? So its ok to depend on .jar files. 

Q. What about OpenJDK vs Oracle Java ?
A. by Ubuntu 12.10, java on Ubuntu will default to OpenJDK. In addition, compatability between OpenJDK and Oracle Java has advanced a lot in the last year. In my experience, many java developers simply have not tried to run under OpenJDK, because there were problems previously and people knew Sun Java worked, so why? But now, many developers may find that their apps work well with OpenJDK. I suggest to strongly encourage the app teams to try and if possible adapt OpenJDK when possible. 

Q. What about 6 vs 7 ?
A. Compatability with version 7 is very good. However, given an app freeze in early July, stick with 6, especially if you have disk space challenges

Q. Is it ok to send you emails James ?
A. Yes, you can send me an email about Java packages on Ubuntu

  on behalf of the OSGeo Live community, thanks very much James!
Brian Hamlin
OSGeo California Chapter
415-717-4462 cell

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