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Thanks Brian, it was a very informative Q&A.
It is nice to have live reports like that :)


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> Hi All-
>  live report from the 2012 Worldwide Ubuntu Developer Summit in Oakland,
> California.
> Java Questions
>   I spoke with james.page at canonical dot com about all things java on
> Ubuntu, and towards getting apps to work well for the upcoming release of
> OSGeo Live. Since I freely admit ignrance about Java deveopment and
> deployment, it was a short and one-sided conversation in the hallway, but I
> hope very constructive for all. Here is my best recollection of it:
> Q. Is it wise to try to package our Java apps ?
> A. dont go back to source.. use .jar files as a building block and write
> your scripts to place .jar files here and there as needed. Java is very
> forgiving about running binaries between 6/7 and Oracle/Open.. but if you
> try to go back to source, not so. This OSGeo Live project is seeking to be
> a layer on top of Ubuntu, not integrated into Ubuntu, no? So its ok to
> depend on .jar files.
> Q. What about OpenJDK vs Oracle Java ?
> A. by Ubuntu 12.10, java on Ubuntu will default to OpenJDK. In addition,
> compatability between OpenJDK and Oracle Java has advanced a lot in the
> last year. In my experience, many java developers simply have not tried to
> run under OpenJDK, because there were problems previously and people knew
> Sun Java worked, so why? But now, many developers may find that their apps
> work well with OpenJDK. I suggest to strongly encourage the app teams to
> try and if possible adapt OpenJDK when possible.
> Q. What about 6 vs 7 ?
> A. Compatability with version 7 is very good. However, given an app freeze
> in early July, stick with 6, especially if you have disk space challenges
> Q. Is it ok to send you emails James ?
> A. Yes, you can send me an email about Java packages on Ubuntu
>   on behalf of the OSGeo Live community, thanks very much James!
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