[Live-demo] Which version of openjdk should be included on OSGeo-Live 6.0?

Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Mon May 28 19:14:20 PDT 2012

> Yes, I realize that this is a difficult effort. Since we are moving to 
> openjdk (due to Oracle licensing change), the question here has been 
> which version of openjdk to use. I don't have the illusion that all 
> projects will support it soon (and certainly not until osgeo live 6.0), 
> but this is the first step :)

I am afraid I missed the GeoTools meeting last night and was unable to add this topic to the Agenda.

I will try and include it for next time; however initial feedback on the email list indicates:
- general support for the idea of testing on more platforms
- automatic windows testing as a bigger issue; one Ben is running a build box for
- no volunteers for hardware to test openjdk on
> One suggestion I have made in the past is to manually install a single 
> instance of sun-java on the disk and ask all projects to use this 
> version instead of bundling their own jre.

If that version has ImageIO-Ext / GDAL (symbolic links in the jre/bin directory should work) then uDig would be able to use it out of the box; and not ship with its own.

Indeed rather than messing with environmental variables; a symbolic link "ire" can be added to the "udig" application directory pointing to the location of the sun JRE.
> I agree that a code sprint would be a great opportunity to test this.


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