[Live-demo] uDig and open-jdk (was Which version of openjdk...)

Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Tue May 29 00:28:09 PDT 2012

> yes Frank you are right
> disabling the jre included with uDig causes rendering errors
> for both SHP file and TIF

Still that is useful information!

So if the application starts at all; SWT is working with open JDK (yay - for uDig only).
If you are getting rendering errors; we must be down to graphics differences (down check for all geotools projects?)
If you can see anything at all; the pure Java implementation of Java Advanced Imaging / ImageIO must be working.

Do you have a screen snap of the "rendering errors"?

Frank with your uDig hat on - do we need to go back to your "bundle" solution for deploying JAI? We could schedule that for uDig 1.4.0 if it is what is needed.

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