[Live-demo] uDig and open-jdk (was Which version of openjdk...)

edgar.soldin at web.de edgar.soldin at web.de
Tue May 29 04:46:16 PDT 2012

On 29.05.2012 13:08, Frank Gasdorf wrote:
> - How can identify projects which uses JAI/imageIO and would have
> trouble with an installation in "OPEN_JDK_HOME"/libs/ext

i guess pretty much all java apps displaying or loading vector/raster data use JAI in one way or another.

at least OpenJUMP ships it's own and that is as far as i remember because JAI over versions is not guaranteed to be compatible.

because of that i strongly suggest to keep extended (native) libraries out of the default JRE but to ship them with the application instead and use start scripts to setup classpath and PATH(win32) or  LD_LIBRARY_PATH (linux) accordingly.

application developers can have a look at the OJ start scripts to see how we deal with that. 

when confronted with the issue one year ago i checked how other GIS java desktop apps deal with it i saw generally two approaches

A. ship a readymade jre where all libs are copied into
B. copy the libs during an installation process into the system default JRE

i rejected both approaches as problematic, because 
A. unnecessarily bloats the distribution
B. has disturbing user experience results when the copied in libs (sometime even into windows/system32) are used instead of the application delivered and crash

i know it is painful to deal with such issues, but on the long run it makes your application really portable and reliable.

regards.. ede/openjump

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