[Live-demo] Maintaining and translating the OSGeo-Live presentation

Luca Delucchi lucadeluge at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 14:36:55 PST 2012

Hi all

2012/10/29 xurxosanz at gmail.com <xurxosanz at gmail.com>:

> My slides are at github so they are easy to get and improve
> https://github.com/jsanz/slides-201209-geocamp
> I've used impress.js so the HTML file is just some divs with plain
> HTML, easy to translate. Anyway, they are more about the project than
> the software inside.
> For a very long slides deck like this I would also use that fancy
> sphinx output, but as others have said, following the rule of always
> writing slides for the last person in the room. :-)

Yes after work a little bit on sphinx slides I change idea and start
to work on your slides. The translation is really simple, now I'd like
to add some slide about software I'll try to do my best for the new
Have you some hint to give me?

> Cheers



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