[Live-demo] What version of applications should we be installing on OSGeo-Live 6.5? - for mapbender

Astrid Emde astrid.emde at wheregroup.com
Fri Nov 9 04:49:39 PST 2012

Am 09.11.2012 11:54, schrieb Cameron Shorter:
> On 9/11/2012 9:49 PM, Astrid Emde wrote:
>> We will go for Mapbender 2.7.4 and Mapbender 3.x
> Astrid,
> I have a strong preference for only installing one version of each
> application on OSGeo-Live.
> We don't want to be confusing new users with trying to work out which
> version of an application they should be testing. We should help by
> making that decision for them.
> Do you wish to discuss why you think there should be multiple versions
> of mapbender installed?
Hello Cameron, hi folks,

we are reimplementing Mapbender at the moment using Symphony2,
OpenLayers, MapQuery and JQuery (http://mapbender3.org/). Mapbender3
does not offer everything Mapbender 2.x does, but in the future this
will be the software we work on and reimplement the mapbender 2.x
features and more.

I will discuss with the Mapbender team, whether we skip 2.7.x on
OSGeo-Live already and provide only Mapbender3. Sounds good to me.


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