[Live-demo] [Marketing] How should OSGeo Marketing spend $10K

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 4 19:34:20 PDT 2013


Cameron wrote:
> What I'm proposing is that we now cover a bit more of the
> consumable items, and I've noticed at past conferences that
> the most interesting thing attendees pick up is the OSGeo-Live
> DVD.

(2c: partial subsidies & matching funds to top up demo dvd/usb
drive hand-out efforts at relevant conferences seems like a
great idea for enhancing osgeo promotional efforts :)

another thing Massimo & me had been working on a couple of
months ago was looking into printing up a run of stickers
which could be inserted into the dvd sleeve or handed out individually. They'd have the logo, "OSGeo", and the url
on them. the idea would be 70x70 ~ 75x75 mm (square is 
often cheaper), white background, this graphic:

I'm not sure where to place the "[http://]www.osgeo.org"
text and still keep it squarish. maybe in a smaller black
sans-serif font sideways up the left or right edge?

put 'em on your laptops, pelican cases, and field gear!

here's a cut and paste of some suggestions from the FOSS
community about where to source them, comments/prices from
~6 months ago:

    Tony wrote: 
    "I just ordered 1000 custom die cut 2x2" (51x51 mm) stickers for my project through Stickermule for $200" 

    Sean added:
        "StickerMule is awesome. We placed an order for custom stickers just a couple days before last year's summit and were impressed. Paid less than $0.50/sticker including shipping for a couple hundred; prices are on the website. Online submission, email-based proofing process, and fast processing. After confirming our proof, Anthony expedited printing, shipped, and it was at the Wild Palms desk before check-in. I don't suggest waiting that long to order, but the stickers simply looked and felt fantastic. All within 48 hours." 

    Edward wrote: 
    "I tend to order from stickerguy.com. They are really cheap. $21 will get you a bunch of 2.13"x2.75" (54x70 mm) stickers in black and white, but they have long lead times." 

    Yuriy wrote: 
    "We've used uprinting.com in the past. I believe it was something around $50.00 for 2000. There are tons of options for sizes and so on. The quality is very good." 

    Karen wrote: 
    "I've used both Overnight Prints (overnightprints.com) and MOO in the past (us.moo.com and uk.moo.com). Both are simple and have quick shipping." 


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