[Live-demo] What writing and maintenance guidelines should be applied to OSGeo Training material?

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Mon Apr 29 15:59:45 PDT 2013

It is great to hear that we have free training material seeding the 
ELOGeo repository.
I think the next step is to work out writing and maintenance guidelines 
which can be applied to ensure a consistent, and up-to-date level of 
quality across all training material.

Once this is in place, it will make it much easier for the community to 
develop and maintain our documentation.

So questions I'd like to ask workshop authors are:

* Are there any examples or best practices in place for outlining the 
structure of a training course? (I'm looking for something similar to 
our OSGeo-Live documentation processes here: 
http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Live_GIS_Add_Project#Documentation )

* How can we collect and then incorporate user feedback on the 
documentation? I like how the Postgres documentation allows users to 
"Add Comment" to each page:

* What technologies should we be using to create the documentation? For 
OSGeo-Live we use RST and subversion. I'd be interested to hear whether 
this is a technical barrier for tutors, and maybe we should be adopting 
a CMS, or wiki, or open office, or ...

On 29/04/2013 6:11 PM, Lluís Vicens wrote:
> Al 27/04/13 23:01, En/na Jeremy Morley ha escrit:
>> Dear Cameron,
>> As a contributor to the Summer School, I'd certainly be happy to contribute material from that to the Live DVD. As I recall, at least some of the material is in ELOGeo under a CC-by-SA licence but of content is updated each year. We have some funding to do some more work on ELOGeo this year, and I plan to convert my course material based on the OSGeo Live USB system to content in ELOGeo. This might serve both purposes. Happy to discuss further.
>> Jeremy
> Dear Cameron, as Jeremy points out, all the documentation used as 
> training material during the previous editions of the summer school 
> [1][2][3], are freely available for download in the summer school 
> website as well as from the ELOGeo[4] repository under a creative 
> commons license. Using this material as a starting point for 
> educational material related to OSGeo-Live sounds good. Do you think 
> that a CC-By-SA is a proper license for this kind of material?
> Cheers,
> Lluís
> [1] http://www.sigte.udg.edu/summerschool2010/Materials
> [2] http://www.sigte.udg.edu/summerschool2011/programme/Materials
> [3] http://www.sigte.udg.edu/summerschool2012/Materials
> [4] http://elogeo.nottingham.ac.uk/
> -- 
> Lluís Vicens
> SIGTE - Universitat de Girona
> Pl. Ferrater Mora, 1
> 17071   Girona

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