[Live-demo] Leaflet on OSGeo-Live?

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Mon Jun 10 01:56:31 PDT 2013

I've been hearing great things about Leaflet, and lots of people making 
use of it, but as yet we don't describe Leaflet on OSGeo-Live. This is 
something we are hoping someone can help us with.

If you know how to use Leaflet, and have a couple of hours to give back 
to the community, could you please help us put together a Project 
Overview and copy the Quickstart into RST format. We already have an 
"install_leaflet.sh" script (it just needs to be tested).

If Leaflet has been of use to you in the past, and you'd like to give a 
little back in the form of marketing Leaflet on OSGeo-Live, then please 
let me know.

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