[Live-demo] New project for OSGeo-live

Guy Griffiths guy.griffiths at reading.ac.uk
Tue Jun 11 02:43:06 PDT 2013

I would like to propose adding a new application to OSGeo-Live:

Name: ncWMS

URL: http://www.resc.rdg.ac.uk/trac/ncWMS/

License: BSD

What it does: ncWMS is an implementation of a Web Map Server which can 
read NetCDF files - a common format for distributing environmental data.

Standards: ncWMS uses the WMS standards (v1.1.1 and v1.3.0).  The focus 
is on providing a reliable server, but a mature client is also included. 
  Some extensions to the WMS standard are used to provide additional 
functionality, but a WMS client which adheres to the OGC standards will 
be able to access the service.

Language: Java (server), Javascript (client)

Version to be included: 1.1

Risk-averse: Both the UK Met Office and NOAA are ncWMS users who could 
be considered risk-averse

Size of user community: >1500 downloads of release candidates

Size of developer community: Small core team (4-5 people) with 
occasional bugfixes and enhancements from users.

Bug free, stable release: Yes

Level of testing: Release candidate versions have been on production 
systems for 3+ years.  Internal testing is also performed prior to each 

How long has project had mature code: +4 years.

User interface: This is a webapp and so runs in Tomcat.  Both client and 
server UI are web-based.

Liaison: Myself (Guy Griffiths)

Installation: Custom install script

Run in 512MB RAM: Yes, although the amount of RAM used depends on the 
amount of data loaded.  512MB will be sufficient for the live demo.

Disk space: ~40MB + data

Data: NetCDF data is required to demonstrate ncWMS.  Currently there is 
no shared NetCDF data in OSGeo-live, but I will shortly send another 
email to the list to discuss this.

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