[Live-demo] Request for inclusion in OSGeo Live

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 13 01:17:43 PDT 2013

Cameron wrote:
> Maybe IRIS would be a better
> candidate to join OSGeo-Live in a future release?

IRIS 1.3 needed 3.3mb of disk space. I assume 1.4.0 is not too
dissimilar, and that the support and demo files don't alter that
requirement drastically.

We just managed to free up 150-200mb disk space (shared libs for
MB-System amongst others), and I will sponsor and take care of
adding an install_iris.sh script on the disc for the Nottingham
workshop if one is provided to me.

you guys can figure out if you want an overview page for it or not
linked on the front page list of projects, but it's a bit of a
no-brainer to me to install the software and a quickstart (linked
or not) in the background regardless.


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