[Live-demo] Request for inclusion in OSGeo Live

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 13 00:39:29 PDT 2013

Brian wrote:
> I notice in the 1.40rc1 source tree, that most of the disk
> space is taken by the visual tests .png's
> also there is one data file, lib/iris/tests/stock_arrays.npz
> that is 17MBWhen using git to clone the project, git adds a
> project directory that is bg, too
>  Perhaps we could make a downloadable file, or even a
> debian package, of IRIS 1.4.0 that has a lighter footprint of
> test data? for our disk-constrained project ?


Ian and I looked into both the disk space and .deb-ization a
few weeks ago, in general: we'll need to tweak the installed
files, but it's not a problem.



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