[Live-demo] GeoNode application for LiveDVD

Ariel Nunez ingenieroariel at gmail.com
Thu Jun 13 16:21:55 PDT 2013


>> The key stumbling block we will need to resolve is whether there is
sufficient space.
>> In particular, we need to ensure that upstream applications, such as
GeoServer are not installed twice.

- The actual .deb file for GeoNode is less than 3Mb.
- The python dependencies are about 50mb (including Django, pycsw,
Shapely), many of this are already in the live dvd, we will do our best to
use them if they are installed systemwide.
- The rest is Java VM, GeoServer, Postgis, Apache, mod_wsgi that we will
for sure use if they are available.

Where can I get the latest alpha/beta install CD for version 7? I can put
that in a vagrant machine and see exactly how much GeoNode is adding,
chances are the figure can be lower than 50mb.

>> I'd also like to ensure that we are not introducing more example
datasets, unless the example datasets offer something beyond what is
already available (such as providing a different format). This to both save
space, and also provide continuity between quickstarts and examples from
different applications.

No problem about the new datasets, we can use the ones there are already in
the liveDVD for GeoServer.

>> So my vote is +1 for including geonode on OSGeo-Live, if we can resolve
the above.

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