[Live-demo] JAI - was packaging Java based OSGeo applications

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Mon Jun 17 09:35:57 PDT 2013

On Mon, Jun 17, 2013 at 6:28 PM, <maplabs at light42.com> wrote:

> Hi All -
>   I am not in the Java world, but this license issue raised by Johan
> sounds potentially serious..
> I am a geoserver user.. it is my understanding that JAI us explicitly
> optional in Geoserver.
> I dont know the details of the other Java apps, but the Geoserver case,
> and the license
> cited, causes me to question the statement that all Java geo apps depend
> on JAI.

It depends on what JAI you refer to. If it's the pure java version, it's
mandatory and every application
built on top of GeoTools needs it. The dependency is pervasive, no raster
processing of any kind
is possible without it (e.g., not even scaling images) unless we embark on
a massive rewrite.
This means also uDig and potentially GeoMajas and 52N would be affected.
Deegree is not based on GeoTools, but i believe it's using JAI as well.

If it's the native library accelerators for JAI we're talking about
instead, those are indeed optional


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