[Live-demo] Iris draft installer

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 19 15:00:13 PDT 2013

Ian wrote:
> We've submitted an installer for the Iris library:


> We've updated Matplotlib to version 1.2.0 (previously it
> was at 1.1.1rc1) will this cause problems for anyone?

yes, probably. at least QGIS and Sahana are installing and
using the system's matplotlib, most likely others too.
which one gets picked up probably depends on the list 
ordering in PYTHONPATH.

if you absolutely positively need the newer version, and can't
find a way to work around it, please grab the newer package
from raring and rebuild it for 12.04 LTS (not hard, just
ask if you need a hand with that)

and then test that it doesn't break qgis, sahana,

> There are also a few other dependencies added.

as per earlier email, please make them into .debs.
It's easy and it helps catch when two projects
try to install different versions of the same package
or try to install files over the top of each other.
also it means there is no -dev package mess to clean up.
again, happy to help if you get stuck with it, and we
have a dir for such things at download.osgeo.org if
you need a place to store them online.

... avoiding stepping on each other's toes takes a bit
of effort and discipline seeing that many of us are using
the same tools.


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