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#1047: Python applications shall share common dependencies
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Comment(by hamish):

 I think the main issue with python is not really about disc space (always
 a concern, but python is typically relatively light), but rather to avoid
 the "dll hell" situation where the last project to install stuff "wins",
 at the expense of  everything else on the system. The #1 A-1 top choice
 acme best way to achieve a peaceful coexistence is for everyone to use the
 same stock version of core packages whenever possible. Or, for esoteric
 dependencies but still with the letters "Geo" in it for the 2 or 3
 projects using it to put their heads together an come to some consensus.
 The trouble is that projects typically don't declare what system packages
 they depend on (except if you comb trough the build logs by hand), and we
 don't figure that out until something breaks in a weird way long ways down
 the road.

 Simple method to get a .deb installer from py .tar.gz:

 rainy day background reading:

 file this ticket under 'playing nicely with others'. it's not really a
 problem until it starts to cause collateral damage to other innocent 3rd
 parties, and if that happens the end results is going to be the project
 causing the trouble will be the first one to be disabled.

 right now the only version conflict we know about is matplotlib, but it's
 still early enough to deal with that.


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